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3 Quick Fixes to Make a Productive Office Space

Teamwork - Hands - Unity

Who loves going into their office space on a Monday morning? (Crickets) Who loves going in the office that is comfortable, efficient, organized, and makes it easy to get work done?

That sounds a bit better doesn’t it?

In order to make your office space a productive environment, there are a few simple things you can adjust to make that happen!

Natural Lighting

Giving your employees some nice sunlight in the office can really make a big difference. Sitting in an office with those fluorescent overhead lights may light up the room, but it also can be energy sucking. Make the natural light available to as many people as you can. This can be achieved by re-configuring the existing layout, lowering the panels to open up the space or go to a completely open environment where everyone has seated privacy but can stand up for collaboration. You could always put in some big windows!

Art or Color

Art was invented to entertain and to make people feel. According to psychologists, different colors exude different feelings.
Red: Strength, warmth, energy
Blue: Calming, trusting, communication
Yellow: Emotion, confidence, positivity
Green: Peace, harmony, balance
Take a bit of time and look into the decor of your office. A little goes a long way.

A Little Nature Please

Plants can have an amazing effect on us as people. Give your office some outdoors by putting in some indoor plants around the office (No artificial plants). Plants can also filter the air making it easier to even breathe. These changes can really help your office run more efficiently.

Hamilton Business Interiors is always available to help with these changes to your office space or answer any questions you may have! You can contact us here.

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