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Can Seating Increase Productivity? Sure Can!

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Choices are a part of our every day lives. What are you going to have for breakfast? Will the high way or the back roads be quicker? Do I want to sit or stand while I work in the office?

Wait… what?

That’s right. >HumanScale offers a brilliant new design that gives you the choice of a traditional chair-to-desk workspace or an elevated experience in productivity with a boost to well being.

How and why might you ask? Well the HumanScale eFloat is adjustable with a simple electronic control to raise or lower the height of the desk itself. With offices becoming much more of a mobile workspace, accompanied by our laptops, tablets, and other portable devices, you can have you yourself a mini conference table within seconds that will easily allow you and your fellows to view data much more easily from your devices in a level and standing position. No more coworkers leaning over the back of your chair!

Not to mention that it has long been recognized that extended periods of sitting are factors that contribute to health issues like obesity and metabolic syndrome. Simply standing helps engage different muscles, increases blood and oxygen flow, and even burns some calories.

On top of a healthier lifestyle, standing will increase concentration and productivity. It is much easier to drift off into day dreams while remaining sedentary. We have a natural tendency to stand while engaging with someone to show attentiveness. The same principle applies here as the increase of blood flow and oxygen to the brain speeds up our ability to process information.

There is no simple fix-all solution to health and productivity, but the biggest benefits are gained over time with a series of small adjustments. You can start with adjusting the height of your desk to reach new levels of success.

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